Won’t I need some expensive new truck to be in the Carpet Cleaning Business?

Not necessarily. When I first started exploring the potential of this business, I was using just a two-door sedan. Admittedly, it was a little inconvenient getting my floor machine in and out of the front seat, and it certainly didn’t look all that professional. But I WAS in business, and starting to get a lot of customers.

The standard Nature’s Quick-Dry vehicle is now a Ford Taurus station wagon. It has removable aluminum signs bolted in place over the windows of the rear doors and cargo area. With the rear seat folded down, there is plenty of room for everything I need to perform even large commercial jobs.

Since the Challenger floor machine weighs only 65 Ibs., it can easily be lifted up and rolled into the rear of the wagon. We also carry a simple wooden ramp on the roof which can be used to avoid lifting altogether. Just roll the Challenger up and down the ramp. Even the smallest of station wagons would make an ideal business vehicle. Other good choices would include a minivan, an SUV, or a small pickup with cap. I think you’ll agree that the high quality of graphic design on our signs serves to enhance our professional image.

If I purchase the Nature’s Quick-Dry Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business Package, what will I receive?

Here’s what you will receive:

  1. 1. The Challenger Random Orbital Floor Machine (made in USA)
  2. 2. A smaller, hand-operated random orbital machine for cleaning carpeted stairs.
  3. 3. A gallon of ‘Orbit Natural’ all-natural carpet cleaning concentrate. At 4 oz. per gallon of water, it will make 32 gallons on cleaning solution.
  4. 4. 24 oz. of ODOR-GONE, our all-natural, super-effective odor counteractant. Can be diluted several times.
  5. 5. A package of 4 Vacaway specialty spot & stain products
  6. 6. 10 nineteen-inch round terrycloth cotton pads.
  7. 7. 4 smaller pads for stair cleaning.
  8. 8. 1 scrubber-type pad for use in heavily stained areas.
  9. 9. 1 small hand brush, for helping to break up the occasional stain.
  10. 10. Most importantly, you will receive a copy of the Nature’s Quick-Dry Carpet Cleaning Business Training Manual and a training video. The Manual is clearly written and deals with both the technical aspects of cleaning carpets as well as with the business end of things. The video is professionally made, and clearly shows you how to clean soiled carpeting in a typical situation.

What will I find in the training manual?

The Manual is comprised of seven main sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. To Whom Should I Sell, and How?
  3. 3. Equipment & Supplies
  4. Doing the Work
  5. Preparing the Invoice
  6. Dealing with the Customer
  7. Conclusion

The Sub-sections


Welcome: A Brief History

Praise in the Media

EZ to Learn and Use

Home & Business

You Can Do This

Why Customers Love Us

What You Have Invested In

Who is Your Competition?

The Difference Between Our Carpet Cleaning and Theirs

Absence of Harmful Chemicals

Technical Description of Other Carpet Cleaning Processes

The Nature’s Quick-Dry Method: A Summary

Orbital Design

Cotton is the Key


Why So Effective

Who Should Consider This Business?

What is the Earnings Potential?

  1. To Whom Should I Sell, and How?

Advantages & Disadvantages: Residential vs. Commercial Customers

Basics of Marketing to Various Market Sectors

Community Demographics

Background Reading and Research

Farming (a term borrowed from the real estate industry)


Public Relations

Your Local Newspaper

Web Site

Yellow Pages


Marketing & “Gurus”

Barter Sales, Promotions & Discounting

Commercial Customers: The Need -to Focus

Targeting Your Prospects

Mailing Lists vs. Your Own Research

Whom to Seek Out

How to Mail

Your Mailer’s Message

Telephone Follow-up

  1. Equipment & Supplies

Self explanatory  (see Equipment List above)

  1. Doing the Work

Your Primary Tool

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

Area Rugs

Planning the Job

Handling Equipment & Supplies

When to Vacuum

How Much to Try to Clean at One Time

Cleaning Stairs

Pet Stains

Carpet Protection


Cotton Pad Care

  1. Preparing the Invoice

Measuring Rooms and Areas
Sample Invoice

  1. Dealing With the Customer

Personal Interaction



Remote Call Forwarding


Beeper/Cell or Mobile Phone


Web Site

Keeping in Touch

Telephone Callbacks

Avoiding Price-Driven Shoppers


Health & Safety Issues

Preparing the Commercial Proposal

The Follow-up

Pricing Your Work

Your Business “Image”

  1. Conclusion

A Brief “Go Get Em!” Message

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Method

With your Challenger machine, you will be ideally positioned to participate profitably in a newly evolving area of carpet cleaning known as ENCAPSULATION, or “encap” for short. Encap differs from our cotton pad-based cleaning method in that you are not actually removing soil while you are operating the machine. What you are doing instead is scrubbing into the carpet a kind of cleaning agent which removes the soil from the carpet’s fibers and ENCAPSULATES it in little invisible clumps in the residue of the cleaning agent.

The chemical design of the encap cleaner ensures its drying in a highly crystallized form which is kind of loosely attached to the newly clean carpet fiber. By crystallized is meant that this residue, composed of dried cleaning solution and carpet soil, will shatter to a fine powder and be vacuumed up the next time your customer vacuums the premises.

This process would definitely NOT WORK for the professional cleaner either if the results of his/her work were a still dirty looking carpet, OR if the cleaner was obliged to return to the premises the next day to vacuum up the residue. With encap, what is amazing is that carpet looks beautifully clean when you have finished your work. In fact, many professional cleaners are reporting that the encapped carpet actually looks BETTER than when they have cleaned it via whatever method they used previously.

One of the keys to performing encap effectively is the level of agitation involved in the process. Thorough agitation of the carpet fiber while it is still wet or damp with the cleaning agent results in the greatest possible amount of soil being separated from the carpet. The Challenger Machine operates at a rate of 1750 RPM. The standard rotary machine turns at just 175 RPM. The Challenger thereby generates TEN TIMES the level of agitation that can be achieved with a rotary.

While the cleaning agent used in encapsulation cannot be marketed as “all-natural”, it is still quite safe as commercial cleaning products go. The only ingredient it contains that the government requires to be listed on what is called its MSDS (disclosure) sheet is isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. In fact, the brand of encap cleaner we use contains Australian Tea Tree Oil, a natural product with long-recognized disinfectant capabilities.

Encap so far seems to be having its greatest degree of success in the commercial market: office areas; R&D spaces; hotels; etc. The professional cleaner using encapsulation in areas such as these is able to clean more carpet with less effort, and can therefore bid these jobs for less money than can the wet, or & “steam” cleaner. However, we and others have been testing its appropriateness in residential situations as well, and have so far been mostly pleased with both the results and the customer’s reaction.

We will make sure that purchasers of the Nature’s Quick-Dry/Challenger business package have everything they need to pursue this variation of carpet cleaning, if they choose to do so.

Opportunity for Women

While carpet cleaning has not traditionally been perceived as a way for a woman to start her own business, with the Challenger it becomes an attractive option to consider. For several reasons.

First, doing this kind of work usually required heavy and cumbersome equipment, some of it so large that is was required to be “truck-mounted”. What is marketed as “steam” cleaning involves maneuvering a long and very hot tool called a wand which is worked back and forth over the carpeted area to be cleaned. Ask anyone who has done this kind of work all day, every day and they’ll tell it really is “grunt” work.

Second, steam cleaning of carpets requires a heavy capital investment. Some people spend up to $30 – $40,000 for their new truck-mount and all of its associated specialty equipment. If they instead purchase it used, it means that it may or may not still be in sound mechanical condition. If you’re not inclined to be something akin to an auto mechanic, you definitely don’t want to be the owner of a regularly-used truck-mounted carpet cleaning system.

Third, carpet cleaning has traditionally used a slew of harsh, smelly cleaning chemicals, many of which contain ingredients believed to cause cancer.

Fourth, in the market for residential carpet cleaning services, at least 90% of the customers calling you are women. The vast majority of them would prefer to have a woman in their home doing this work than a man they don’t know. And increasingly, in the commercial market, women are showing up in positions such as Executive Housekeeper, Facility Manager, and Hotel General Manager. Women like these know that women pay more attention to detail than men.

If you are using the Nature’s Quick-Dry/Challenger approach to cleaning carpets, with an initial investment of under $2000, you will have a tool that is light, highly maneuverable, yet which accomplishes its tasks more effectively than heavy and cumbersome competing methods.

Your machine is technologically sophisticated, yet rugged and durable enough to run for hours a day, all year long, without bothering you for maintenance and repairs.

Instead of you and your customers being inflicted with the usual possibly toxic cleaning chemicals, your product is all-natural, vegetable-based, and completely odorless.

And as pointed out above, your being a woman will make most of your customers more inclined to hire you over a competitor, due to the all-important comfort factor.

All this in addition to being able to generate earnings in the high 2 figure, sometimes even over 3 figures per hour makes cleaning carpets using the Nature’s Quick-Dry/Challenger method an option you should not ignore.

Retirement Income

For a retired individual, or couple for that matter, starting a Challenger-based carpet cleaning service in your community and its surrounding areas makes a  lot of sense.

First of all, the lightweight nature of the equipment makes it easy to operate, as well as to move it from place to  place.  The effort needed to clean carpets is about on a par with gardening.

Secondly, as you can read from the other pages of this website, your hourly earnings will be quite attractive.  As an independent business person, you can set your own rates at whatever level you wish.  Jobs generating $75-$100 per hour are not unusual.

Thirdly, operating a local business such as this one will get you out of the house where you will continually meet new neighbors and townspeople.  If you reside in an active retirement community, these people will be more than happy to spread the word about the great service you are able to provide.

And perhaps most importantly, the regular moderate physical activity, combined with the need to organize your work and occasionally problem solve, will make you a healthier and more more fully engaged member of your community.

How much does all of this cost?

You will receive both pieces of equipment, all these high quality supplies, and the invaluable training materials for just $1995 plus shipping. This total is actually considerably less than the manufacturer of a comparable orbital floor machine is charging for the floor machine only. The Challenger and your cotton pads will be shipped from Texas. Everything else will be shipped from Nature’s Quick-Dry headquarters in Massachusetts. If you want to purchase just the Challenger machine, which comes with 20 terrycloth pads, the price is $1490.

The prices quoted above apply to the Challenger with the standard 1/2 hp. motor. This motor has proved itself more than adequate for every job so far entrusted to it.  However, for those who like to know that they own the largest power plant available in their equipment, a 3/4 hp. version is also available. This option adds $100 to the price of both the Nature’s Quick-Dry Business Opportunity Package and the Challenger machine alone.  Also, overseas purchasers should choose the larger motor, as it has greater compatibility with non-U.S. electric power distribution systems.

How do I pay for my Package?

Payment can be made in any of several ways:

your own personal check
a certified bank (treasurer’s) check
credit card

In the case of personal checks, we will ship as soon as your check has cleared, normally just a matter of a few days. Send your order to:

Nature’s Quick-Dry All-Natural Carpet Care
8 Long View Way
Peabody MA 01960
Phone 978-531-9340
E-mail: MarkD@cybercom.net

To order using your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card:

For your peace of mind, we will only take credit card information over the telephone. We will need the exact name on the account, the 16-digit number, the expiration date, the 3-digit security code from the back of the card, and the billing address of the account.

Your website is very informative, but I still have some questions. How do I obtain further information?

I prefer that you contact me via E-mail Address above. If you require further information then you may telephone me at the above number.