Floor’s eye view of an orbital floor machine.

Why Is The Nature’s Quick-Dry Process Superior To Conventional Carpet Cleaning Methods?

The key to the Nature’s Quick-Dry process is the combination of the Challenger and our all-natural, chemical-free, odorless cleaning product.

The Challenger is a unique random orbital, high-RPM floor machine. When fitted out with 90% or 100% cotton terrycloth pads, and using our great cleaning product, it quickly and easily removes carpet soil and stains. There are no harsh chemicals involved (customers love this feature), no odor, and everything is fully dry in well under an hour. Once stains are removed they hardly ever come back. To read some residential customers’ comments about the Nature’s Quick-Dry process, take a look at our website Nature’s Quick-Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

You may well clean the carpeting and rugs in an entire house using just the contents of a 2-gallon pump sprayer. Your 2 gallons of cleaning solution are based on just 8 ounces of our concentrate! The cotton pads, which can absorb loosened soil, can be washed out and reused over and over. So it should be obvious by now that your cost of supplies is very small – in the range of one or two percent of what the customer is paying you for your work.

How does the Nature’s Quick-Dry Process differ from traditional, or “steam” cleaning?

Most (90%+) conventional carpet cleaning is marketed as “steam” cleaning, although no actual steam is involved. Since there sometimes is visible water vapor being emitted from the cleaning tool or “wand”, the traditional carpet cleaning industry long ago pounced on the word “steam” even though their water temperatures are far below what qualifies as steam. Of course this is misleading, and intentionally so, but is justified by its practitioners as astute marketing.

Steam cleaners either operate from what they call a “truck mount”, or they roll a portable “extractor” into the house or business premises. Both are very noisy, heavy, and technically complex machines that inject a lot of water and/or water/detergent mix into the customer’s carpeting, and then remove some of that liquid by means of suction. Another term for this process is hot water extraction, or HWE. The HWE folks want everyone to believe that you have to use all this water so as to be able to suck out all of the dirt that is deep down into the carpet fiber. But what they are actually doing is using water pressure to force a lot of that soil even deeper into the base of the carpet. Often, after several days of dry-out time has elapsed, the customer notices that many of the spots, and perhaps an entire “traffic lane” area, is starting to look soiled again, even though it seemed to look clean just after the wet cleaning work was performed. What has actually occurred is “wicking”. “Wicking” is the re-emergence of soil up the carpet fibers during the drying period, so that when the base of the carpet is finally dry (maybe after several days) these spots and traffic areas appear as if they were never cleaned in the first place.


Steam (HWE) cleaners may refer to themselves and each other as “rugsuckers”. The highly skilled rugsucker may well be able to clean his customer’s carpets without causing overwetting. Overwetting can be described as soaking the base of the carpet, sometimes the pad under the carpet as well, and worst case – the floor beneath them also. Despite the competence of some experienced HWE people, it should be noted that the carpet cleaning industry employs a lot of low-paid, low-skilled, and poorly motivated helpers who are most likely to be the ones responsible for all of the horror stories customers tell of soaking wet carpets, seemingly endless dryout periods, and the re-appearance of stains and soil via wicking.

What are the health & environmental differences between conventional (wet) carpet cleaning and the Nature’s Quick-Dry VLM Approach?

Note: VLM = Very Low Moisture.

A. Breathing Clean Air Vs. Breathing in Sprayed Chemicals
Nature’s Quick-Dry is unique in our industry in using all-natural, chemical-free, and totally odorless cleaning products. They are 100% safe for use around everyone, even people with medically-diagnosed MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Conventional off-the-shelf commercial cleaning products are of the synthetic (petroleum-based) variety and some may even contain chemicals believed to cause cancer.

(See our website: naturesquickdry.com/ for a list of chemicals frequently found in these products.)

If you are going to be active in this line of work, which would you rather be using? Absolutely safe natural products, or chemicals which could be causing your health to deteriorate every time you use them?

B. Disposal Problems for Wet-Method Cleaners
The carpet cleaner using our process isn’t faced with the growing problem of how to dispose of all of the filthy water his equipment has sucked out of customers’ carpets. Increasingly strict environmental laws make disposing of this water a growing challenge for owners of wet-method carpet cleaning companies. With the Nature’s Quick-Dry method, loosened soil is neatly absorbed into terrycloth cotton pads. Your pads become clean again with just a single run through any home or commercial clothes washer.

C. Dust Mites and Mold
Another health & environmental difference: the more water which remains in the carpet after cleaning, the more fertile a growth area there will be for dust mites and mold. Many customers have asthma or allergic reactions to dust. The Nature’s Quick-Dry affiliate can point out to her customers that low-moisture carpet cleaning won’t result in a breeding ground for dust mites. Excess moisture can also cause mold. Mold spores in the air can cause serious illness in many people.

What’s this about award-winning?

Every year Boston Magazine gives its awards in a number of categories: “Best Italian Restaurant”; “Best Neighborhood Tailor Shop”; “Best Florist”, etc. In 1997 they included the category “Best Carpet Cleaning Service”, the only year I am aware that they bestowed such an award. The winner? Nature’s Quick-Dry All Natural Carpet Care! Our unique approach and high quality of service have also resulted in two articles which have appeared in the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine. Ordinarily the only time a major metropolitan newspaper will carry a story about the carpet cleaning industry is when a particular company has been caught in some kind of “bait and switch” scam or a false advertising campaign. So I’d like to think that Nature’s Quick-Dry is helping to turn around the image of an entire industry.