Who can do this type of work?

Just about anyone who is reasonably physically fit. Age, body size, and gender won?t really make a difference. You can be male or female; 90 pound little lady or 300 pound- big guy; teenager, someone of retirement age, or anyone in between. It won’t matter much whether you dropped out of high school, or like me, have two college degrees.

The key to our excellent results and ease of operation is something called the “Challenger?. The Challenger utilizes random orbital movement to deep-clean carpet fibers using hardly any liquid at all.

You may have at one time tried to use a traditional rotary- motion floor machine, or buffer, only to have it tear itself out of your grip and through the nearest wall. While the Challenger may look something like a standard buffer, when you turn it on it simply stands in one place and vibrates, waiting for you to gently guide it over the carpeting.

Cleaning carpet to professional standards with the Challenger requires only about as much effort as using a vacuum cleaner or power lawn mower. Yet it achieves results that will dazzle both you and even the hardest to please customers.

Is this an expensive franchise type of deal?

No. Nature’s Quick-Dry is not a franchise. A franchise costs you a bundle up front and then they continue to take a percentage of everything you earn. With a franchise, how you do the work how you run the business is spelled out in minute detail. You have to do everything the franchiser’s way, or you might well be in violation of your contract with them.

While some people actually like being told exactly what to do in every situation, many others would prefer to be taught the overall principles, and then be allowed to utilize their own intelligence and creativity in dealing with day?to-day situations.

Work is much more enjoyable and gratifying when you are making the key decisions.

With the Nature’s Quick-Dry program, I provide you with a good grounding in how to do the technical side of the job, and a lot about the business end of things, but I don’t tie your hands. As you gain experience, I’m sure you’ll come up with improvements to both our cleaning techniques and our business methods. I hope you’ll be willing to pass these along to other Nature’s Quick-Dry affiliates, so that we can all help each other to succeed.

What about cost?

With the Nature’s Quick-Dry affiliates program, there is one low up-front cost (under$2000) for equipment, supplies, and training materials. You then keep 100% of what you earn. When you are close to running out supplies, or need to acquire an additional Challenger machine as your volume grows, just contact Nature’s Quick-Dry and we’ll send out what you need.

What kind of money can I make cleaning carpets the Nature’s Quick-Dry way?

As with any undertaking, there is what might be called a “learning curve”. But with the Challenger and the Nature’s Quick-Dry process, getting real results is so easy that after a couple of hours of practice in your own or in a friend’s home, you could be out “wowing” customers the next day.

When I first began cleaning carpets in 1990 (I had no background in this business at all) I was able to bring in about $50 per hour worked. As time passed, I was able to increase my pace and raised my rates as well. (Nature’s Quick-Dry is a premium method of cleaning carpets: since you don’t leave the customer’s carpets all wet, you can charge more than the competition.) As I write this in 2003, most jobs generate in the range of $80-$110 per hour. Now and then a particularly difficult job might earn me only $75 per hour. On the other hand, many jobs are now in the $125 per hour range.

My own personal best to date was a $450 job which I completed in just about two hours, for per hour earnings of $225. You might wonder, was my customer outraged as I billed her for this much money for such a short period of work? Far from it. She was so pleased with the results that she scheduled an additional job at her place of business a couple of weeks later, and she has referred several of her friends to me as well.

Hire a friend and double your earnings

Say you’ve been able to schedule a commercial job, maybe at a hotel or at your local country club. You hire a friend to help you. Say the job generates $95 per hour per person, or $190 per hour gross. You pay your helper generously ($15 per hour), which still leaves you netting $175 per hour. Not bad?