Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business

I’m Mark Dullea. I developed the award winning Nature’s Quick-Dry all-natural, rapid-dry, carpet cleaning process in 1990. I’ve been improving it ever since. Now I’m ready to let others in on my secrets. My system offers you a great opportunity to own and operate your own EZ to learn, and EZ to manage local carpet cleaning business.

For less than the cost of a cheap used car or just a few days of vacation, you can set yourself up in a highly rewarding and profitable carpet cleaning business of your own.


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Texan Doug Nipp uses his Challenger in two situations: he is both a self employed carpet cleaner, and he provides regularly contracted carpet cleaning services for an apartment complex. The Challenger does it all for him, even in the most heavily soiled rental units. “It does it everything I ask of it, and I love the way it cleans. Even after running for hours on end, it has never overheated on me.”

Lisa Richardson manages an apartment community in Plainfield, Indiana. She personally cleans its carpets when units become empty, as well as two other apartment complexes. Why does she love her Challenger? “It cleans ‘awesome’, is easy to use; is excellent in removing spots and stains; and the cost of cleaning chemicals is very low.”

Brian in Illinois (he asked that we omit his last name) was asked what he liked best about his Challenger. Brian, who has lots of experience cleaning carpets in rental communities, answered: “It gets out stains that steamers can’t get. It’s great on Berber. The quality of the results enables me to price it as a premium service. It’s so easy to use. Even the worst looking carpet comes right back.”

Alan Randa is a professional carpet cleaner in Loveland, Colorado. He has had extensive experience with truck-mounted (hot water extraction) carpet cleaning, and finds that the Challenger brings up sand and soil much better than those methods. “When I come in after an HWE cleaner, people are amazed at how much soil I get out of the carpets…I love my Challenger, and wouldn’t be without it.”